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P4-11, also known as “Gaia” is a world not unlike our own Earth. Gaia was colonized by humans in search of a new home after the decimation of Old Earth by overpopulation, famine, and pollution. The humans of Gaia were refugees who arrived via a mighty GENESIS ARK, the fourteenth of twenty three. Before the arrival of GENECIA and the AWAKENING, the people living on the planet believed that their world was the original home of the human race. This is because the crew of the ark selfishly kept all technology to themselves, burying the true history of humanity and ruling over generations as false God-kings until they were overthrown. Their lies became their legacy. The populus of Gaia were blissfully ignorant of the other colonies that were founded by other refugee groups from old Earth. That is until a great war caused an intervention, the AWAKENING, and Gaians are now in an age of information, accelerating from the equivalent of 1940s era technology to cybernetics, nanotech and quantum phenomenon. However... culture has not caught up with the pace of progress. Entrepreneurism is now the be-all and end-all.