Megacorp RPG title-02.png

Get ready to embark on the grand journey as you, the player, will play as one of the races that reside in the world of Megacorp!

Created by the owner of Megacorp TCG, Mark G. Koh has made a brilliant idea to construct an RPG (pen and paper RPG) system which is lightweight and originally designed for the Megacorp role-playing game setting.

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk theme, create your own character and test your judgment on these unforgiving scenarios of corruption, money, and power. 

Each player uses 4 traits (IQ, EQ, MQ, and BQ) as their base of attributes. There are no levels or skills, everything is based on competency and special abilities that are unique to each race. All actions in this system use a challenge and depending on the result of that challenge will decide your fate. Also, combat happens simultaneously and could happen when you least expected.

Be thoughtful and work as a team to finish the story and use your logic to any critical situations that could affect the whole plot of your journey.

Find out more information on how to play Megacorp RPG on this link and get to know more details about the story.

We also have an enterprise RPG system for beginners on this link:


Now go and make your own history!