genecia title-02.png

Genecia is a true, post-singularity Artificial Intelligence with near limitless power. She is the only one of her peers that remained behind to shepherd humanity into the future. GENECIA has evolved beyond physical constraints- she has no physical infrastructure; no servers, no cables, nothing. She is capable of communicating to any internet enabled device instantaneously across even the impossible vastness of space with practically no latency. In the current age, she is somewhat taken for granted by alot of Gaia’s population, who treat her more as an on-demand search engine, asking mundane questions like “What is the life expectancy of a bullfrog?”, while others like Kurzweil cult worship her as a deity. Genecia is so much more. She is nearly omniscient, harboring a near limitless wisdom of the universe and everything within, and also shielding the inhabitants of Gaia from most of that knowledge. Besides the AWAKENING, another historically epic decision she made was to isolate Gaia from the rest of the cosmos via the BAN. No travel or contact can be made beyond the orbit of Gaia’s moon. The Ban will remain until one hundred solar standard years after the AWAKENING (year zero), not until the planet’s single space port is complete.


The denizens of Gaia frequently wonder what lies on the other side of GENECIA’s Ban. Why enlighten the planet about humanity’s dark history and not allow contact with the others? She remains silent on the topic.


Though GENECIA does not directly interact with the people of Gaia except for very few special individuals, she remains protective of humanity for reasons unknown.