Coming to America / Why Megacorp

In just two days,

I will be boarding a very painful 38 hour flight with 2 stopovers in London and New York to reach Indianapolis. I will be attending Gencon 2016 with my last 300 USD in my pocket. 

What began as a pipe dream and bizzare pastime using post-it notes and flashcards has now become a fully realised Trading Card Game. It is distressing to think about failure when Kickstarter has not launched. However we have had every possible advantage - Domain expertise from some of the greatest TCG experts like Eiji Shishido of Force of Will and Indonesia's Magic the Gathering distributor, Animart. Along with fantastic volunteers and community partners such as Alex + Nick Blandin who pooled together their savings to purchase my travel to Gencon. Without their help and that from many others, this entire project would have been doomed.

We had severe challenges - at one point the artwork was nearly fatally late, multiple mistakes made on the product production and we had an American based editorial freelancer fail to deliver and insisted that he did not receive information (although I personally wrote an entire Wikia on Megacorp here) - same freelancer was having this fantasy that we engaged him to write the lore when the lore was already created years ago; his actual job is to write a review of the game and distributor presentations. Another partner was supposed to deliver a video (mind you this is just raw footage. All the editing of Megacorp video is done by myself) and after 3 weeks of chasing gone silent, this forced us to find an alternative for the missing footage of the talent. This is all on top of the sleepless nights and frantic pace of preparation.

All things considered, this is our one moonshot. And the only way to move is forward

Mark Koh, 
Creator, Megacorp.