Experience the Megacorp universe on a whole new level with the new ENTERPRISE RPG system. Players will get to create and experience their own exciting narratives within the full breadth of the setting's deep content. This free supplement provides the basic toolkit for Players and GMs to work with any content, with minimal time and tools (just two dice!)

Explore the continent of Aohu’s beautiful yet treacherous cities entrenched in the urban cyberpunk where technology clashes with culture. Players can discover relics and and mindbending technologies to help their rise to power. In this game, political intrigue and subterfuge can be a better approach than straight-up violence.     

Say goodbye to XP and leveling up! The Enterprise RPG system has an innovative and   realistic way of learning and improving skills. Only skills that are actually used can be improved via interactions in the narrative. With a player's chosen history adding further customization. This allows a more immersive experience in this rich setting.         

Experience quintessential RPG gameplay, with a lower entry barrier that anyone can enjoy.

Format: PDF

Daniel Christian