Megacorp TCG & RPG Demo at Neutral Grounds, Eton Centris

The last day of our Megacorp TCG & RPG demo in the Philippines has ended on a satisfying note.

Many passionate TCG players have come to participate in our demo located  in Neutral Grounds, Eton Centris Walk, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, 1000 Metro Manila.

Mark Koh, the creator of Megacorp TCG & RPG was also surprised to hear the positive feedback that was shared by our fellow Filipino gamers. Some players even bought starter decks right after their demo sessions and have it signed by the one and only, Mark Koh himself.

We also had some help with one of our regular players during our demo sessions and his name is Mr. Joseph Alovera III, a kind, enthusiastic guy with a good competitive mindset. He also managed to pull out a rare card called "AVATAR INDUSTRIES MINING SUIT" from a booster pack that he bought from the store! 

This success wouldn't also be done with the help of Mr. Freddie Tan (owner of Ludus Distributor) and the friendly people of Neutral Grounds.

We hope that you all enjoyed our TCG & RPG Demo events from the past three (3) days.

Until next time, Philippines!

Admin CNeutral Grounds