"Deapath - The Awakening" Music Video

The Awakening is the most important historical event in the fictional world of Gaia, when the Godlike AI GENECIA made contact with humanity and revealed the truth: Gaia is one of several human colonies, and not the cradle of human civilisation.

Humanity now has the choice to embrace transhumanism via genetic augmentation or Nanoblood with a process called THE ASSIGNMENT

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We are a small team with big dreams: to succeed as more than just a one title studio and become the "Marvel" of southeast asia. Asians love Science fiction too: let's see the future together. This video is the work of an international team of many cultures and beliefs.

CREDITS Starring:

Michelle Glazov as the Protagonist
Abby Lai Ka Hei as GENECIA
Vasily Chuply as the Driver
Hearse Elf as Kara, Kurzweil Cultist


Then Pit Yoke
Poh Loey
Ho Soon Hock
Phoon Lye Heng


Wong Huan Wen (Taichokun Singapore)
Dominic Lim E Hong (Taichokun Singapore)
Shawn siow

MUSIC "The Awakening" Written by: Mark G. Koh and Ting Si Hao
Vocals: Abby Lai Ka Hei


Directed by: Vasily ‘Xpionaj’ Chuply (Project28)
Principal photography: Reuben Ng (Project28)

Produced by:
Megacorp Trading Card Game (tm)
VX Global Pte Ltd, all rights reserved

Post Production: Mark G. Koh and Dehann Ballesteros (Viral Creative)

Megacorp created by Mark G. Koh

Daniel Christian