1st MegaCorp TCG & RPG demo event and sealed Tournament at Manila 2018

By Kris - Community Volunteer Phillipines

The public event for MegaCorp and it’s games at the AbraKa Dad Ra showcase at Venice Grand Canal Mall was a fun and instructive gathering set in a public square in the heart of Bonifacio Global City. Set amidst other stalls, tournaments, demonstrations and other such Father’s Day holiday activities, MegaCorp handily took advantage of the public eye by holding it’s sealed deck tournament and demonstrations by being situated squarely within view of the public plaza.

Held during this Father’s day, the atmosphere of the event alternated between heavy rains and sunshowers, though activity did not slow a beat, as we gathered for our demonstrations, informal matches and the leadup to our Sealed Tournament, passersby often stayed to stop and witness the ongoing activities we held.

As a newly launched card game, this deck builder known as MegaCorp drew the eyes of onlookers as they curiously observed how we played, or asked us to see the cards we used, asking questions on how we played, what it is about, the lore of the game, as well as any interesting background information on what exactly MegaCorp is.


Jonathan Uypico de Joseph, one of the developers involved with the game’s design was quite handily on hand to explain the nuances and details of the play mechanics of MegaCorp, as well with him were myriad promoters and Community volunteers who aided him in demonstrating the game, such as local play experts like Joseph Alovera.

As the day went on, the activities kept full swing, each new crowd to the plaza steadily drew at least a few curious hobbygoers for all of us to speak to and showcase the game at our tables. Tabletop Games like MegaCorp have the knack of ensnaring attention due to its collectible nature, interesting settings, and eyecatching artwork.

The Tournament itself was very enjoyable, all participants had been readily and thoroughly prepped with many practice play sessions before the elimination underwent to full swing.

As it’s nature was that of a sealed tournament, every contestant was required to assemble a forty card deck from randomized booster packs all selected at random for everyone.

Part of the most enjoyable nature of a card game like MegaCorp is the highly personalized nature of deck building, the ability to tailor and customize one’s own play decks based on their own style of play, the way they think, and their favored methods of strategy can be on full display in the construction of a deck.

The competitors all without exception displayed highly creative and wildly variable deck construction from the cards they were given.

Seen were a myriad of card constructions, some based on high volume resource to ramp in finance, others were high risk deck constructions that relied on risky investment in early game play in the hopes to end matches early, while others took on a more conservative and defensive route, maintaining control to stymy any potential aggression from opponents, whose decks were designed to frustrate takeovers and aggressive assets placed into play.

I myself was one of those competitors, my own deck construction for example was a somewhat eccentric and eclectic mix that emphasized high resource and revenue flow (so as to be able to afford anything) with a comparatively fewer number of physical assets to put into play, but reinforced with a high amount of equipment and weaponry. As well, my deck was augmented with enough events, of an unethical nature mind you, to throw a potential wrench at the ideal time against any opponent.

My deck list is as follows-

1 heaven’s edge                    2 grow wings           2 medical vassals     1 giant morio worms

2 factories                             2 kickbacks             1 economic hitman    1 lounge

2 deserts                               2 gleeful seductions  1 corp advisors         1 magellan cell migration

1 rally site                            1 pluton                     1 riot control squad   1 incarnate inheritor

2 advanced restraints           2 corp citizens           2 bluechip shares       1 corp consultant

1 clemency protector       2 attack of opportunities        1 public holiday

1 depleted uranium rounds  1 basilisk          2 sleeper cell activations

2 gnost laymen    1 HLF (human liberation front)


All in all, the tournament event this past weekend went great.

Until next time founders, remember that Business is War.