What if everyone you know, loved and remembered are just complex simulations in a computer generated universe, imperceptible to you? What if you began to see the shroud that separates what you think is your life from what is real? What if you wake up from this simulation only to wonder if you are in another?

With multiple play modes, including solo and team play - what happens next is completely up to you. Choose from Classic (casual play), Challenge (advanced play), or Adventure mode (available as a stretch goal) which will allow you match wits against a litany of enemies. Compete with your friends in a race to ascend to the ultimate reality! Cooperative play is also available, allowing you to collaborate with your rivals or plot each others’ downfall, or go solo, and practice your skills at breaking out of the simulation.

The base game will include 3 realities, with 5 unique characters each (a 6th character per reality will be available as a stretch goal). Each character you play has their own strengths and weakness plus a unique backstory which has a real game impact in the Adventure mode.

  • PLAYTIME : 15-30 min

  • PLAYERS : 2 - 5

  • AGES : 13+

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  • 1 x Game Board
  • 15 x  Character Boards (5 x 3 Realities)
  • 3 x Gold Ascension Token
  • 15 x Silver Ascension Token
  • 3 x Challenge Decks
  • 3 x Treasure Decks
  • 10 x Dice








Game MEchanics.png

Play on a 5x4 grid, and each player aims at a specific coordinate to challenge. Sometimes, multiple players choose the same coordinate and must challenge each other before exploring the board. Use unique traits (IQ, EQ, MQ, BQ) in order to win your combat. Collect the most Victory Points throughout the game to be the winner.

Stone Projector.png

1st Reality - THE STONE

Legend has it that millennia ago, a star fell from the heavens and crashed and into the world of Gaeus. It is said that the Stone is imbued with such power that any that touch it will die; but someone worthy would instead become a God. All considered the Stone to be lost, until a mighty quake cracked the earth asunder, revealing an ancient temple built around it.

A bloodthirsty warlord, said to be a demon wearing a man's flesh, is invading. Champions from all over the world have been given dreams of the ancients, a sign that they are chosen to find the Stone, ascend to Godhood and bring peace to Gaeus.

Prison Projector.png

2nd Reality - THE PRISON

Prisoners are subjected to time dilation reality simulations in a privately owned supermax facilities - the inmates are involuntary brain research subjects.

A group of prisoners who have inexplicably awoken from the simulations have discovered that the mysterious warden of the prison is doing horrific surgeries and unspeakable procedures. Some prisoners are being tortured and sexually abused by the faceless guards. After waking up from the simulations, the first thing on every inmates' mind is escape.

Ship Projector.png

3rd reality - THE SHIP

You are on a Genesis Ark, a mighty spacecraft bound for a potential new home for humanity. However, an accident (or sabotage) has caused catastrophic damage to the ship's systems, and the life support systems can only keep a tenth of the colonists alive.

The colonists are plugged into a virtual universe to keep their minds active while in stasis, and after the disaster simulation was modified to become competitive in nature. Instead of randomly selecting those who would survive, the virtual universe has instead become a test to determine who has the merit to be selected.

Something is wrong. The planet is nearby but the purge to eliminate 90% of the colonists is still ongoing. Those who somehow awoke from the simulation have to get to the cockpit and save the remaining hope for humanity.

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You can play the game in 3 different modes.

  1. Classic mode
    Compete with other players to ascend through each reality and collect the most victory points.
  2. Challenge mode
    Team-up with or betray other players when you encounter them. Additional Environment Rules give you a different game experience each time you play.
  3. Adventure mode (stretch goal)
    A choose-your-own-adventure mode that you can play solo. Each character has their own history that affects the gameplay and narrative.