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Megacorp Megadraft Night

  • Rabblemaster games Western Australia (map)

This coming Tuesday at Rabblemaster Games we are running our first official MegaCorp TCG Draft!

Drafting Megacorp is much the same to drafting in other TCGs and goes as follows:

Players open their booster pack at the same time. In case that the booster packs used are from different sets the packs will be opened from oldest set to latest set.

Each player then selects 1 card they would keep for their card pool. The cards are then neatly piled face down in front of the player, players who do this may no longer look in the pile and change the card he picked.

Each pile is then passed to the player to the left (clockwise). Players then look into the pile passed to him, select 1 card and place the rest face down and waits for all players to select a card for their card pool. Repeat this process until all players have a card pool of 12 cards or until all the cards in the first booster packs have been drafted.

Players then open their next booster pack, choose a card, add it to his card pool, and then pass the pile to the player to his right (counterclockwise). Repeat this process until all cards have been drafted.

Repeat the first step until all 3 booster packs have been drafted.
Once all players have their card pools, each player will be given a minimum of 20 minutes to build a 20 card main deck and 10 card resource deck.

Entry for the event will be $20, and prizes will be handed out based on your record in the two to four games, depending on attendance.

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