Ticket/Donation: The Serpent In Your Heart

Ticket/Donation: The Serpent In Your Heart


Date: 14 Feb 2018, Valentines Day
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Place: 3/38 Attfield Street, Maddington, WA 6109, Australia, Old Earth

After spending his entire lifetime in the quiet rural city of Bloom, a young swordsman is sent to seek out his wayward uncle. With his petulant sister in tow, the swordsman discovers that life in the sixtieth year after the Awakening is complicated. Urban Aohu is rife with betrayal, revenge… and romance. 

Presented by the stunt and performance team REBEL EMPIRE, “The Serpent In Your Heart” is a live action play conceived, written by Megacorp Creator Mark G. Koh and choreographed by Kaneda Cruz in record time; under 8 hours. The play is set in the cyberpunk Megacorp universe and will be staged for a one-night only Valentines day performance. It features martial arts, swordplay, drama, stuntwork and music.

This play is dedicated to all creators, and dreamers, and lovers. Without a passionate community, none of which can hope to thrive.

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