The Awakening Playmat

The Awakening Playmat


Special limited edition FIRST SEASON Playmat "The Awakening"

This playmat depicts Kara, Kurzweil Cultist experiencing digital epiphany with the Godlike A.I GENECIA - it is also a scene from the upcoming Deapath Promotional Music Video for Megacorp TCG. 

"The Awakening" refers to the most important historical event on Gaia, where GENECIA arrived, put a stop to the world war and exposed the denizens of P4-11 to the true history of mankind: They are not alone in the universe. A cascade of exponential changes in culture, technology and conflict followed. It was such as significant event that the official calendar recognizes the Awakening as 'year zero', with the present day being 60 A.A (After awakening)

This limited edition playmat (only 1000 pieces globally) celebrates the start of the very first tournament season of Megacorp Trading Card game and articulates our take on the cyberpunk genre: Mankind entering an age of enlightenment, yet restrained by tenets of the old; nanotech vs mechanical, dogma vs genetic augmentation, pragmatism vs idealism. We hope you become part of the future we share.

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